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Roadeo Committee

Roadeo Committee

The mission on the committee is to provide a structure state competition for the drivers of school buses throughout the state of Colorado to demonstrate their ability and knowledge required to operate a school bus safely and to provide their passengers a safe ride to and from school. The competition is conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures used at the International competition that is sponsored by the National School Transportation Association. The State competition is held in June and for the past several years it has been held in conjunction with the CDE summer workshop which has been held in Pueblo.  Information concerning the event will be posted on the CSPTA website.

2019 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are the last Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., except during holidays and vacations where we will meet a week earlier. Dates and locations are as follows:

  • August 28 - Widefield School District 3
  • September 18 - Harrison School District 2
  • October 30 - Widefield School District 2
  • November 20 - Harrison School District 2
  • December 18 - Widefield School District 3
  • January 29 - Harrison School District 2
  • February 26 - Widefield School District 3
  • March 18 - Harrison School District 2
  • April 29 - Widefield School District 3     
  • May 27 - Harrison School District 2

2018 Roadeo Results